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Escorts real pictures

Before you buy something you need to be careful to make sure you get what you order. many times people order stuff just to find out they got something else.

Its the same in escort service business, some websites advertise beautiful girls but when she come to your hotel you see totally different girl.

That’s why its better to use professional escort service with real girls and real faces to make sure you get what you order. some of the girls expose their face in the pictures so you can see her beautiful face before you order. some take a picture with

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Escorts modeling

Many escorts from our call girl services are former super models, there are bikini models, lingerie models and face models. some participated in commercials and fashion magazines.

From a young age they noticed how people are looking at them in admiration to adore their breathtaking beauty, it opened doors for them to be in commercials and to do modeling jobs. nature gave them nice face and hot body so why not use it?

Many Russian girls who work as escorts were models in the past so they’re used to showing their beautiful body and know how much its worth. some of them had

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Escort services also in a car

Hi my name is strawberry and I work as an escort girl for two years now at an escort service in Tel Aviv and I’m pretty happy with my job. It’s not always easy and sometimes customers can be rude and nasty but some of them can be very nice. I enjoyed gaining my experience and I feel I’ve learned about life in the last two years more than learned in my previous period.

I started working immediately after the army for a guy who asked me to work for him as an escort girl, I was pretty slutty

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Cleopatra escort services

Our escort girls

Escort girls within the escort services of Cleopatra are nothing less but the goddess of lust themselves due to their rich year’s experiences & phenomenal sexual skills.

You’ll find dozens of hypnotizing galleries of escort girls who own such beauty that they can easily make the most dazzling super models jealous.

The selection is wide for every taste when all the imagines within the site are completely authentic & real, so you can enjoy it 24/7.

Out escort services

Our escort services are here to provide the maximum of a sexual sensation you’ll ever have the satisfaction to


Figure of an escort girl

Selecting the favorite escort girl by figure

Escort girls come in all the figures possibly & enjoyably imaginable and that’s why they are perfectly ideal for the actualization of the most insanely sensational fantasies.

Instead of compromising for a woman with not the perfect look who’ll provide you not with the discreet sex fantasy you were hoping for, you can address the escort girls exactly by your taste and experience the most exhilarating sexual ecstasies that you would ever dare to witness.

Escort services know all men have their own secret discreet deepest fantasies and that’s why there’s a variety


Naughty lusty girl, who were you before you became a foxy sexy escort girl?

Who were the escorts previous to 18?

Not every escort girl came from a bad home as you would expected to hear, some actually lived an excellent childhood in warm home with the most loving families.

One day the girls just decided to take advantage of their mesmerizing beauty, exploit it & charges it for hundreds of dollars.

Not anyone fits to be a luxury escort girl or an escort girl at all but those who do, come back home with suitcases full of money.

In other world a girl with looks that would beat any beauty queen, glamorous stripper or a


Sexy Luxy escort services for the ecstatically extraordinary week end only

Escort girls – exploiting the minimum time to the sharp maximum

Everyday which passes in the expensive office we always pick the clock to watch the O’clock, asking when we’ll the day end, when will the weekend come & when will I get to deliciously taste from the irresistible lust of the escort girls.

In the piece written by digital ink we’ll explain you why it’s best, optimal & perfectly ideal to use the escort services on the euphorically liberal weekends.

You don’t mix business, work & the office with escort girls

First element if the fact that as mortal human beings we


The forceful economic finance that stands strongly behind the back of every lustful escort girl

Exactly how much a lascivious escort girls earns by the counting accountant

Welcome to a short financial lesson about how deep the depth of the escort girls pink pocket or in short, how much exactly does she earns?

An escort girl within Israel earn from 300 up to 3k per hour when of course there’s exclusively those who by pass Donald Trump’s bank account by one single after noon. But we’ll be reviewing the average fees per an irresistible escort girl.

Average escort girls fee will be 700 NIS when the higher we’ll go the less escort girls we’ll find so we’ll be


How the most lustiest escort girl gets to this tempting profession?

Escort services – The thick green money that waits only for the deepest most pinkiest pocket

The first grandiose element which magnifies the escort girls into this erotic temping & sexually exhilarating profession is of course the money which creates that adorable long green number in the bank account.

Some say the globe spins around the green & if such a sophisticated sentence is actually true undeniably that indisputably the expensive escort girls are one humongous step ahead of us in this crazy monopoly game.

At the end of the month successful escort girls are never late to earn suitcases for one


Escort girls featuring in white & blue Israeli porn industry!

Men who address luxurious and high quality escort services not many of them know that in fact some of the hypnotizing and magnifying escort girls that they take out for an exhilarating pleasure on a hot night are featuring in Israeli hot porn films.

A fact that adds only more thrill and lust into an erotic breath taking adventure with the sweet escort girls, usually when they find out it drives them insanely passionate and they always crave more.

Excellent and luxurious escort girls own the rich experience and knowledge in granting satisfying escort services and in realizing the most

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Escort girls the small sins of the dark night

There’s no shame in taking pleasure once in a while in some erotic adventure on a hot night under the full moon and use the discreet and seductive means of escort services. It’s pleasurable, it’s miraculous satisfactions, it’s our manly instincts and we just love it.

Some of use are truthfully married or in a long term serious relationship but despite of that we still want to get a juicy taste of the addictive vine of lust of the mesmerizing escort girls, even if it’s only for an hour or a couple.

You may call it a sin but most man

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Adventurous escort girls for insanely exhilarating orgies!

Many men within the country want to enrich they wild precious sex lives and want to take the next step to fulfil their lustful fantasies and desires, take pleasure and part in a daredevil orgy sexual adventure and who wouldn’t enhance it to the most breath taking level if not an adventurous and sexually inexplictable expert escort girls?

At the disposal of men and women there is a rich bright and colorful selection of bisexual escort girls who are accepting and passionately willing to participate incredible orgies and they perform in them with joy and pride.

Their prices are respectively higher

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The monthly incomes of discreet escort girl


There’s a rich selection of sweet escort girls existing in Israel and many man are curious to find out how much they earn in their discreet occupation and why more and more young girls choose to specialize in offer pleasurable escort services?

Again the range of selection is very wide and each girl earn a different part from the cake and it mainly depends on a few essential details, how much the escort girls earn at the end of each month.

The financial outcome of the escort girls is depending mainly if the girl is working in an escort service agency

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The selection of escort services and the determined competitions

There’s a rich selection of escort services that’s spreads around all of Israel and the main concentration of them is especially in main and large cities like Tel Aviv and such. The escort services work like any other business and when there are existing so many rivals a strong competition rises when each business want to succeed and attract as many customers as he can to become famous successful and popular and enjoy great incomes.

When there’s such a large selection of rivals offering the same product the escort services have no choice but to lower prices and present themselves

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Dreamy escort girls escort you to abroad

It’s very often that we dream about traveling abroad to an exotic and thrilling country or to a country where everything is new unique and different from everything we know and there’s always someone who will join you to this exhilarating adventure, your life partner might be busy with work and the routines of life, your friends might already visited where you’re going and here comes the escort services to the picture when it’s time to pack and fly away from everyday reality.

There are many outstanding benefits in traveling abroad with a mesmerizing escort girl. The escort girls very

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Bisexual escort girls for curious couples

More and more couples are becoming interested in experiencing thrilling and new sexual experiences and they want to try out escort services for the realization of their exciting fantasies that they dreamt about for year since they were teenagers and the want to discover new sexual adventure the gain the maximum out of life and sex and there’s absolutely nothing wrong or forbidden about that.

A large and rich selection of bisexual escort girls exists in Israel who offer their escort services for curious couple who want to enrich their precious sex lives and spices it up a little bit.

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My first time with an escort


I got divorced recently and after 6 months of separation I felt I needed a woman or I would explode,

Several of my friends set me on dates But I would not want to commit to a serious relationship and I just wanted sex but no matter what I tried I did not get anything from it. Chasing girls was frustrating, and hours were wasted on travel, texting, phone calls and meetings in boring cafes.

After a few months I realised that if I’ll invest in escort services I’ll pay the same amount of money I would pay for dates and

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Israeli escort girls

Eastern Europe and Russia are major exporters of prostitutes in the world, almost everywhere you go, if you get a chance to enter a brothel, it’s highly likely that most of the girls there will be any origin belonging to CIS countries. Certain readers of these lines will not fall overthrown when they hear that the industry of escort services in Israel isn’t different and consists largely of girls who come from the former Soviet Union. Indeed, Soviet and support services, it seems that it goes hand in hand, but make no mistake, there are many escort girls

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Escort service – what we offer

Both men and women, adults and young people, if you people normal then surely you have all kinds of fantasies and physical needs to be fulfilled, also single and available also married and unmarried, It is not always the situation in our everyday life that allows us to fulfil all those feelings of the sexual needs and the area of escort services provides a solution for each and every one of us.

So of course, escort services is nothing new, in fact it’s the oldest profession in recorded history meets a need not really changed over the years, but with

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Which escort the Israeli man prefer

Escort services in this area will always be a need and depending on demand it will always be high requested, it is a basic need, it is not changed no matter how developed the culture is and the technology, Medieval and Steve Jobs and smartphones, escorts, or payment for sexual gratification, always was a thriving market. The need is of course in both sexes, men and women, and while some of the female clients of the industry does not disappear from view, stigma accepted that says that men are the main consumers of escort services.

There are many reasons that

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What drives men to hire escort services?

Many men use escort services in Israel, it is no secret, nor is it a big surprise to anyone who reads this article. While it is not an up front public discourse and sometimes even perceived problematic issues, but we are not blind to what is happening before our eyes. Even if we want to close our eyes, we for a moment did not think about initiating our own contact with the world of escort services in Israel, and probably most of us will encounter it on the street, or we have heard stories from friends, or through advertising

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Legalisation of escort services industry and escorts in Israel


Many long and wide forums diverse, discussed whether to make the field of work of escort services and call girls profession legal, legitimate and accepted in society. Of course there is a moral dilemma here bidirectional. As in the case of the legalization of drugs, we do not want to make the phenomenon acceptable and thereby encourage it, on the one hand. On the other hand, in the case of escort services also have an ethical matter theorems concerning the basic rights that come to employee, we as a society when we do not allow the practice of this

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Some facts about escort services in Tel Aviv

Businesses that provide escort services in Israel, have been a commonplace, but there is a city who provides a different level. Tel Aviv, the first Hebrew city, is also the first to market such quality of service given to this sector.

Tel Aviv, a city that brands itself as a city that never sleeps, it certainly is, and nightlife of the city are famous around the world.  Matt (22), a young worker at Melbourne smoothie bar in Rothschild Street met several “wild parties here, people are happy and hot girls!” And adds, “I came to Israel bachelor party of a

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My first day as an escort girl

I started working as an escort girl because I wanted to increase my income, before working in an escort service I worked as a stripper in Tel Aviv, I enjoyed my work very much and got used to it quickly.

I already knew the kind of customers I knew how to give a show and the crowd liked me, I thought several times to become an escort girl but I didn’t want to, I made enough money from my profession but once I decided I wanted to study, I realized studies were expensive and I had to increase my income

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Neta – an escort girl story

My name is Neta, 29, 1.70, brown eyes, brunet hair, like skin color, and thin physique. You could say that I do not like all girls my age, I have a special profession, and I enjoy what I do. On the day I’m like everyone else and I’m sure that if you see me not imaginable that I was a call girl.


How I started working as a call girl? Like I said, I know this is not the profession as a normal and acceptable that environment, I already had the future all the way planned in detail until the last

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