Escort services also in a car

Hi my name is strawberry and I work as an escort girl for two years now at an escort service in Tel Aviv and I’m pretty happy with my job. It’s not always easy and sometimes customers can be rude and nasty but some of them can be very nice. I enjoyed gaining my experience and I feel I’ve learned about life in the last two years more than learned in my previous period.

I started working immediately after the army for a guy who asked me to work for him as an escort girl, I was pretty slutty before I started working and I always liked sex. I wasn’t ashamed of it, it seems natural and enjoyable and when I am told that I make a lot of money out of it I agreed and began working.

One of my best times were in the car in the back seat, the client contacted me I picked me up with his car, later than we parked at a isolated beach.

There was a sunset in the background and he started asking me about my profession as an escort girl and about the escort services in general, he was very interested in it as a business and asked a lot of questions and I told him what I could answer and it seemed to satisfy him.

After we finished talking, he opened his pants and told me to go down on him, When I began he stopped me saying he almost came so I answered him he can cum and go if he wants to, but he decided to move to the back seat and in the meantime the sun had set and it was getting dark.

We went to the back seat where I undressed and continued to give him a blowjob until he said he said he wants to fuck me so I lay down on my back and he began. His cock was a little crooked and inclined in every penetration and it touched me exactly at my spot, and I got one of the best orgasms I had. I told him about it and he seemed to be flatted that he was able to satisfy to such an extend an escort girl.

We talked some more while he drove me back, he asked a few more questions about escort services and about the escort girls I worked with and answered most of the question but mostly to begin to get old and by the time we got back I managed to change the subject several  times.

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