Escorts modeling

Many escorts from our call girl services are former super models, there are bikini models, lingerie models and face models. some participated in commercials and fashion magazines.

From a young age they noticed how people are looking at them in admiration to adore their breathtaking beauty, it opened doors for them to be in commercials and to do modeling jobs. nature gave them nice face and hot body so why not use it?

Many Russian girls who work as escorts were models in the past so they’re used to showing their beautiful body and know how much its worth. some of them had modeling jobs in Asia, Europe and the united states and they accumulated experience and money.

Girls from the former soviet union have a variety of beauty to them, some look like European blondes with blue eyes, some have tanned skin with darker hair and some look like Asian girls. their skin is smooth without wrinkles, and many dance ballet so their body is slim and athletic.

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The problem with modeling is that its very competitive profession and that many managers exploit the models so to speak. not everything is glamorous some girls are working for years and leave without a penny because of exploitation.

The girls learned their lesson and prefer to work in a job that gives them more money and more independence to work in their own conditions.

Many of the escorts just like to have sex, we need to remember that women are just as horny as men, and their job give them a place to explore their sexuality and be satisfied. in their escorting job they get to meet important people and business men, or sometimes just hot guys to have sex with.

There are many stories where an escort and a client fall in love with each other and get married. some of the girls just like the money they earn to buy designer clothes, shoes and jewelries or to save to buy a house.

One thing to remember is when you call an escort from our VIP exclusive escort services you might recognize her from a modeling job she had in playboy or some other fashion magazine.

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