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Before you buy something you need to be careful to make sure you get what you order. many times people order stuff just to find out they got something else.

Its the same in escort service business, some websites advertise beautiful girls but when she come to your hotel you see totally different girl.

That’s why its better to use professional escort service with real girls and real faces to make sure you get what you order. some of the girls expose their face in the pictures so you can see her beautiful face before you order. some take a picture with blurred face but you can still see her sexy body so there are no surprises.

Some men have fetish for big tits and they want to know exactly how big the escort’s tits are, but when a girl with no tits come to his hotel he’s disappointed. if he order a blonde but get a brunette he’s disappointed, and if he orders a girl with big ass and get someone else he is surprised and upset.

medison escort girl

In professional luxurious escort service there is no such a thing, because they are based on repeated customers that are satisfied each and every time they order, there is no reason to trick the customer because otherwise he won’t come back again.

Today in the age of the internet men want to know exactly what they are getting before they order a girl. every man has its own fantasies, some men like blondes, some brunettes, some young escorts, some matures with silicone tits. some men like BDSM, blow-jobs, cum in mouth and orgies.

In our professional call girl services you can see the girls in advance and what services they provide. they describe in advance what they would do in bed for your pleasure. from their pictures you can choose blondes with big butts, brunettes with huge tits, or young small girls with petite body.

What you see is what you get.

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