Israeli escort girls

Eastern Europe and Russia are major exporters of prostitutes in the world, almost everywhere you go, if you get a chance to enter a brothel, it’s highly likely that most of the girls there will be any origin belonging to CIS countries. Certain readers of these lines will not fall overthrown when they hear that the industry of escort services in Israel isn’t different and consists largely of girls who come from the former Soviet Union. Indeed, Soviet and support services, it seems that it goes hand in hand, but make no mistake, there are many escort girls in Israel come from many other places in the world, and some raised and born in this country, have served or are still serving in the army, and all derived from Israel.

We all probably heard stories about how agencies kidnap women in Europe , addicts them to drugs and sell them for prostitution, so they would for the drugs they are addicted to, the story in Israel is completely different, these are girls who work in this profession out of their own will and here we will try to find out what makes a girl from a good home after finishing high school to decide to turn to escort services.

Neta (not her real name), 26, from Rishon Letzion, said: “There are lots of advantages to being a call girl, of course, money is the deciding factor, I’m doing in half an hour what I was doing at about half a week in a coffee shop.” Escort services in Israel as we know is a very profitable industry and various reports by rolling hundreds of millions to billions of dollars a year. “But it’s not just that, I really enjoy sex in general, true that sometimes the guy is not exactly a model, but looks are not the most important thing, it is important for me also that he will respect. Even a lot of customers want to get you to spend before, justifying the name of support services, invite you to expensive places and buy you things sometimes not worth the price he paid less in the first place. “Yet there are also points for improvement, “I missed social interaction. My friends from high school and the army, some of them are married, and some of those who know what I’m working detach, although they will not say it to my face. The company still does not accept it as legitimate.” Of course, with my parents it was not easier, “since my father died, I and my mother we became very close. My father found out about all the escort services when I forgot my phone at home, and since then he did not wish to speak with me. Mom was talking to me every day, especially on Facebook but she was afraid that my father will find out and they’ll get in a fight. Today she says she finds it very difficult to understand it, but if I think that escort in this profession for me so she doesn’t go against me. Although I still get calls about all kinds of jobs she find out about.

“That stigma that there is nothing behind it, people talk a lot of nonsense by whatever they want to think,” says Neta when I explained her that many people think that escort girls use drugs and hang out with the under world people, she replied “ I’m never touch drugs I barely drink alcohol, I’m a good girl that have no problem with sex.

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