Legalisation of escort services industry and escorts in Israel


Many long and wide forums diverse, discussed whether to make the field of work of escort services and call girls profession legal, legitimate and accepted in society. Of course there is a moral dilemma here bidirectional. As in the case of the legalization of drugs, we do not want to make the phenomenon acceptable and thereby encourage it, on the one hand. On the other hand, in the case of escort services also have an ethical matter theorems concerning the basic rights that come to employee, we as a society when we do not allow the practice of this profession, in fact are automatically blacklisting  these rights to all those women and men in the escort service.


In addition, like drugs, we can tax the money rolls in this industry as soon as it become legalized and thus put the state treasury funds is very nice, well-known escort in Tel Aviv only this sector with a turnover of tens to hundreds of millions a year, and support services in all of Israel to billions, money could be assigned to values and many important lose their frequency due to lack of funds. And where this budget going? Enforcement, by making the escort services in Israel a legitimate profession can also save a considerable section of the police budget going into this field, also comes in several tens of millions a year. In addition, because the field is invalid is naturally carried out discreetly, making it difficult for police monitoring and enforcement in cases of serious crimes.


Also Another dilemma is the most basic, to what level we as a company or a country has the right to decide to elaborate about what use he does in his private life in general and in particular his body, where it is not possible to point to any actual harm caused to others or to society. If we can establish the field of escort services call girls protection can actually be establish whether it protection from customers or from their bosses.

In conclusion I’ll say that I certainly believe that as a company with codes of conduct and moral codes some who see the profession favourably, and could very well be a good reason, we must do all we can to help those girls who entered this field of escort services, willingly or not voluntary, and offer them alternatives of rehabilitation, education, and professional help with making escort services laws.

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