My first day as an escort girl

I started working as an escort girl because I wanted to increase my income, before working in an escort service I worked as a stripper in Tel Aviv, I enjoyed my work very much and got used to it quickly.

I already knew the kind of customers I knew how to give a show and the crowd liked me, I thought several times to become an escort girl but I didn’t want to, I made enough money from my profession but once I decided I wanted to study, I realized studies were expensive and I had to increase my income in order to pay for the studies.

I was in the right circle of friends and knew enough owners of escorts services and decided I have no problem working as an escort girl, I’ve had the erotic experience.

Jackie was my contact and he arranged me a customer at the first week and it was a bachelor party. It were a few men in their 20s, they invited me as a surprise to their friend who talked a lot of escort services so they assumed it would be an appropriate gift for him.

Jacky gave me the address, the time and I got a taxi there, When I entered some men greeted me and they were very drunk and happy the men that I’m used to so we connected very quickly. They were enthusiastic about my looks and complimented me the guy that was marrying looked very surprised, and after a while I began to do what I know and I gave him a lap dance. When I stopped everyone got excited and wanted me to give them a lap dance that, at some point the guy who was marrying said it was his time and he wanted to take me to his room. It went fine and it didn’t take more than 25 minutes. After that I took a shower I felt almost like new.

When I came back they wanted me to remain a little longer and so I did, I gave them a dance in the center of the living room and stayed to chat a bit. In the end they paid and paid me the hourly payment plus a big tip and I went back to Jackie who waited for me at the escort office. When I arrived I told him it was fine and that I want to continue working and that my profession today.

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