My first time with an escort


I got divorced recently and after 6 months of separation I felt I needed a woman or I would explode,

Several of my friends set me on dates But I would not want to commit to a serious relationship and I just wanted sex but no matter what I tried I did not get anything from it. Chasing girls was frustrating, and hours were wasted on travel, texting, phone calls and meetings in boring cafes.

After a few months I realised that if I’ll invest in escort services I’ll pay the same amount of money I would pay for dates and gas for travels and at some point I didn’t care even if it’ll cost more because I knew I would get in return a sure thing and an excellent experience.

When contacted and invited an escort girl home, I did not know at first what to expect.

I made all the preparations I could have made, showering, bringing a bottle of wine and made the bed, when she came I was surprised by a beautiful redhead named Charlie with a slim body and  juicy tits, amazing green eyes, my soul immediately sank.

When I started talking I stammered a little and barely spoke my name, she giggled and replied her name back, we started talking and I was amazed how such a beautiful woman became an escort and so I asked and I also asked about the escort services themselves in which she worked in.

She asked if I wanted to keep talking all night, or do I want to begin and told her I would be happy I just did not know how to start. We went to bed she pulled my pants down and started sucking me straight like a champion, I never experienced  such a blow job and after 6 minutes or so I had to stop because I almost came  and I wanted to continue to enjoy.

She did everything I wanted and even agreed anal, never fucked someone in the ass because my wife never agreed and I was hooked on it and since I must do it with all the escort I invite. I became a regular customer after this redhead and since then I am trying women of all kinds! black blonde skinny fat … whatever comes to mind.

I would recommend to anyone who wants to experience an incredible sex experience with all kinds of girls there, all those who can afford it must try!!

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