Neta – an escort girl story

My name is Neta, 29, 1.70, brown eyes, brunet hair, like skin color, and thin physique. You could say that I do not like all girls my age, I have a special profession, and I enjoy what I do. On the day I’m like everyone else and I’m sure that if you see me not imaginable that I was a call girl.


How I started working as a call girl? Like I said, I know this is not the profession as a normal and acceptable that environment, I already had the future all the way planned in detail until the last minute, I thought everything was closed, but still wanted fate to find myself providing escort services and sex, and includes a lot of things in service .


I was a student at a college in the south, I studied art second year, I lived at first alone in the area where relatively high rental place and soon went into another apartment shared with two other girls, students also, other faculties at the same institution.


Everything was fine and we got along fine together. At some point I noticed multiple entry and exit of various men’s room, I did not escort services context at first, but soon I saw men entering unlikely that both these girls, who looked very good, will be with them. I did not judge them, the very fact that the idea appealed to me. As a student, was very difficult to work your ass off at the coffee shop where I worked, absolutely working hard with tips and salary floor, and I talk to them to hear them experiences about escort services, but I felt uncomfortable.


One day I saw one of the girls forgot TV phone in the apartment and it did not stop ringing, but at first I ignored it rang and rang until I answered. On the other side waiting for a man that sounded around 30 life, and asked, “When’s the earliest you free?” .. “Either now or leave me alone” I terrified myself. The guy did not try to hide his excitement and arranged in his apartment a half hour later.


I went to a regular apartment, furnished in good taste, it seemed to me that any woman who helped him design. He looks pretty good, I remember thinking that whoever invites escort services this way fat old men, it turns out I was wrong. Agreed on price as I was working in this business all my life, we did what we did and went home. I left the apartment I saw the amount of notes that sits in my pocket, never earned so much money in so little time.


This escort services work cool. The feeling was addictive, I knew there was no escape and from now on I will start to deal with it. I told the story of two girls, fortunately not angry that I took them a customer. Soon I joined the institute offers escort services in Eilat. Eilat, this profession can be very glamorous. The most luxurious hotel rooms, rich clients from abroad and bachelor parties are invested. A great way to finish my degree.


Already 3 years I have been a call girl, and I can definitely say I’m going to continue to do so in the future, of course, there are problems like anything, but this work provides, economically and sexually, I have time to invest in sculpture, and I enjoy the city life of the Red Sea.

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