The forceful economic finance that stands strongly behind the back of every lustful escort girl

Exactly how much a lascivious escort girls earns by the counting accountant

Welcome to a short financial lesson about how deep the depth of the escort girls pink pocket or in short, how much exactly does she earns?

An escort girl within Israel earn from 300 up to 3k per hour when of course there’s exclusively those who by pass Donald Trump’s bank account by one single after noon. But we’ll be reviewing the average fees per an irresistible escort girl.

Average escort girls fee will be 700 NIS when the higher we’ll go the less escort girls we’ll find so we’ll be only focusing on this:

Speed of light calculation of the bills in an escort girls alligator leather purse

700 Per the lustiest hour.


3 lascivious hours per night.


5 night of breathtakingly heart-stopping sex.


4.2 Week of lecherous pleasures.


12 Month with the thin tight red thong down.


44,100 Israeli new shekels in the bank account.

So as hypnotically as you can see the escort girls find a nice amount of greens within their pink economic pockets when at the end of the year she’ll see more then half a million at her jaw-dropping expense.

Financially wealthy escort girls – How much is it for my economic pocket?

Your individual financial expense & worries are yours and since escort service is not a science it’s complexly difficult to determine the average expense of all passionately craving men with in Israel but once we’ll know the mysterious number, you’ll be the first to know about it.