The monthly incomes of discreet escort girl


There’s a rich selection of sweet escort girls existing in Israel and many man are curious to find out how much they earn in their discreet occupation and why more and more young girls choose to specialize in offer pleasurable escort services?

Again the range of selection is very wide and each girl earn a different part from the cake and it mainly depends on a few essential details, how much the escort girls earn at the end of each month.

The financial outcome of the escort girls is depending mainly if the girl is working in an escort service agency or If she’s working privately as an individual. The ambitious girl will earn differently from each other and there are many benefits and disadvantages no matter what path they choose.

An escort girl that works with advanced agencies will have to split her income with them but on the other hand there will be much more customers and work when the escort services she work for publish and advertise her much more aggressively and make her outstanding, a thing that makes her much more successful and popular and her customer list only grows with time.

An escort girl who work individually most of the times won’t know how to advertise herself in a professional way and the sum of her customers will be smaller than a girl who works for professional and experienced escort services but then again she won’t have to split her daily earning while it strongly depends on her understanding of publicity whether she’ll earn more or less than the other girls.

Another important detail that determines the financial success of the escort girls is whether they work for a standard escort service or in a luxurious and expensive agency. A girl who is gorgeous and talented enough can easily work for an exclusive company that is designated for the most serious and wealthiest of customers where she can earn hundreds of percentages more than the other girls, those who work individually and those who work for standard agencies.

The prices of the girls can range between 300 to thousands of shekels per a single hour while the girls who work privately won’t rise above 1,200 because they don’t work for a famous escort services with a reputation and therefore they won’t be reliable enough.

Because business like escort services are not completely legal and they are very discreet there aren’t any certain statistics that prove the average number of the girls bank account and there isn’t any certain way of knowing what will be the yearly income of luxurious escort girl while her list and sum of customers changes frequently daily and both monthly and yearly.

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