What drives men to hire escort services?

Many men use escort services in Israel, it is no secret, nor is it a big surprise to anyone who reads this article. While it is not an up front public discourse and sometimes even perceived problematic issues, but we are not blind to what is happening before our eyes. Even if we want to close our eyes, we for a moment did not think about initiating our own contact with the world of escort services in Israel, and probably most of us will encounter it on the street, or we have heard stories from friends, or through advertising (usually distributed leaflets with pictures of escort girls and look they were thrown deliberately on the floor). In the past it was permitted to advertise escort services through print media and indeed we would see lots of ads of escort services in the local and central news papers but today when the laws change, various support services have to find other ways to reach the audience. Yet out of this phenomenon exists in Israel in a very large scale and make between millions to billions a year.

So why men come to hire an escort? What is the motive, whether it’s sole motivation is just pure sexual desire they want to release, or perhaps behind this theres something more complex? And in what ways use the escort services and advertisers to attract customers?

So first, libido, hornyness, is the power that men often are weak in front of, and will go far to satisfy it. If the escort services offer to fill that need instantly with minimum effort, and one can also say that in many cases cost even less than doing it the natural way, then of course many men continue to order escort service

But there are also many men, roughly half of men inviting escort services in Israel, in fact, who are in relationships and having sex with their partners regularly, and yet this does not prevent them from using the services of an escort from time to time. And the reasons are many and varied.

There are men who say they are interested in sex without emotions, the girl knows what she’s got and isn’t expecting anything beyond that. And of course they do not require to cuddle, do not ask you to take out the garbage afterward, and if you go pee you do not have to worry if you forget to download the toilet and expected to have harshly criticized.

There are those who go to escort service despite being married because they claim their horny is too high, , and it’s not that they do not like their wife, they love her very much, but the escort services meet them for any other purpose, and they do not feel they are betraying,There is no emotional attitude to the girl arrived, and they are only  service recipients.

Loss of virginity is another major issue. Some men, mainly young ages, their need for escort services rises because they have not reached a situation of having sex with a girl, already when it is long accepted that people already have sex at least once a year, the youths, encouraging their friends, to use escort services and thus reduce the pressure on their side.


You can find online escort services in Israel abundantly, many types of sites that meet the varied needs of the customers are available, and anyone wishing to just “click” the mouse, and it is there.

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