Which escort the Israeli man prefer

Escort services in this area will always be a need and depending on demand it will always be high requested, it is a basic need, it is not changed no matter how developed the culture is and the technology, Medieval and Steve Jobs and smartphones, escorts, or payment for sexual gratification, always was a thriving market. The need is of course in both sexes, men and women, and while some of the female clients of the industry does not disappear from view, stigma accepted that says that men are the main consumers of escort services.

There are many reasons that can be, but the most prominent factor is the fact that men were the dominant species throughout history to the present day and it was common for men to use women for their needs. Israel also reported that many men regularly order or ordered at least once in their lifetime escort services. Many call girls earn their livelihood in this profession in our small country and we would like to examine whether they have a particular profile that precisely is the most attractive in the eyes of Israeli men, and which Israeli male escort prefer?

Israel escorts comes from a wide range of countries, nationalities, religions and ethnic find. How can you choose the ideal escort girl? The truth of the situation such criteria can go to great many ways, appearance, character, way of working, Origin, service she provides, and the feeling she gives, there  are a lot more variables that may be in that everyday services.

For that matter we chose to interview three Israeli men who constitute a representative sample of the ages, the first members Beni (27) will speak on behalf of young people, something age range 18-30, second, Pine (37) will speak on behalf of adult males, age range of 30 to 45, and last, Nisim (52) will serve as the voice of the older audience.

“Beni , a a young man who claims to use escort services about once every two weeks, how would you define an escort girl for you who is attractive, and is there a certain ideal about which we can say,” This is the ultimate escort girl? ”

“First of all I think that those who runs the agency of escort services are the true professional to ask about it. If you ask me, at first I was really going to particular look, usually girls with long height with big breasts that come mostly from the CIS, but I see it in a different way, this selection process more instinctive, something that conveys girl, maybe something in her eyes, according to that I guess how the sex would be like with her.

Orens answer was completely different, @ When I choose an escort girl I choose her by my mood and verity of things happening I my life, I am a married man and if I want to celebrate I’ll take an expensive escort girl but if I had a fight with my wife and I need someone to talk to I’ll take a different girl and also if I have free time and I want to pass it by in a fun way I’ll take a girl who looks like she could entertain me.”

Nisim select everything we summarize in one sentence, “Everyone has their own taste, sure we talk about escort services, but on the taste it’s individual and isn’t a debate

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